• Counseling Mission Statement:

    I aim to treat all students with dignity and respect, to be their voice when they don't have one, and at to be proactive in securing a safe, challenging, and rewarding education for all. With this mission in mind, I will also partner with parents, teachers, and administrators to bring out each student's personal best—academically, socially, and emotionally.

    I Believe...

    -All students have dignity and worth, have strengths, and can achieve.

    -Students have the right to learn in a safe, supportive, and encouraging academic environment that acknowledges and supports individual learning styles and differences.

    -A guidance program should be comprehensive in scope, developmental in nature, and preventative in design.

    -Students have the right to be exposed to opportunities for growth in academic, career, and personal/social areas.

    -All children should have equal access to counseling and guidance services.

    -School counselors are student advocates, leaders, and collaborators.

    -Parents should be considered partners in their child(ren)'s education.

    -Diversity should be celebrated and individuality appreciated - just as it should be recognized that we are similar in more ways than different.