• Debi Doyle

     September 2020

    .....And just like that we are back, sadly still online but all together once again.

    Again, we are charting new territory together. Please, whatever your need or question reach out to us at Monroe to see how we can help out.

    The best way to reach me is through my email, ddoyle@everettsd.org. I hope to join a lot of class Zooms to see what you all have been up to or just to wave. 

    Enjoy the last few days of summer before you log on to a new school year!




    June 2020

    The slogan for the Corona Pandemic seemed to be "We are all in this together." We certainly are all in this, our struggle with racism, together and maybe for once we will actually take action all together. I know action looks different for everyone so for that I offer the following.

    For those who want to do, read, think or somehow be involved in the current conversation - movement please consider the resource below. It is well organized and laid out to facilitate however much involvement you are looking for for yourself or for your family.





    Debi Doyle