Posted by Charger Book Blog on 4/29/2019



Recommended by Fatoumata

Grade 4

Title of book: Pashmina

Author: Nidhi Chanani


Pashmina is about a girl Pashmina but she goes by Pri. Pri is great at drawing and she also has a great uncle name Uncle Jantin. Pri finds out that Uncle Jantin's wife is pregnant! Pri gets sad because she doesn't want them to have a baby because she thinks that Uncle Jantin will not love her anymore. So Pri prays that for them not to have a baby. When the baby was born the doctor said that the baby might die. So later that day she found a cloth from her mother's suitcase which takes Pri to the place that she dreamed to go - India! Will something bad happen? Read the book to find out.

AR Level: 2.9

I give this book: 5 stars