• Small Group Counseling
    I am available to meet with children individually or in small groups. If your child is invited to participate in a group, a letter will be sent home. If you have any concerns regarding your child please feel free to contact me. I offer small group counseling sessions throughout the year for students in first through fifth grade.  The small group experience is an enjoyable way for students to benefit from personal growth, as well as to gain support from peers with similar needs.  Groups may be arranged through parent, teacher, or student self-referral.  The small groups typically meet once a week for six weeks.  Group counseling is a powerful resource for children because they quickly learn that they are not alone in their experience. They form bonds with other students. They learn to trust and confide in others. They also learn that we as citizens have far more in common than we have differences. The children learn that we are all "in this together." Additionally, children can be each other's best support, and small groups offer the kind of relationship and skill-building that promote academic success and emotional growth.