• Frequently Asked Questions
    Q:  How can my child get an appointment with the counselor?
    A:  There are many ways your child can get to speak with the counselor. Your child can
          write the counselor a note, tell their teacher and she/he will contact the counselor, or 
          you may call or email the counselor with a request.
    Q:  About what concerns could parents contact the counselor?
    A:  Parents can contact me regarding any school or personal concerns regarding their
         child. If I am unable to assist you, I will refer you to the appropriate source.
    Q:  Can you help with the cost of school clothes?
    A:  I can provide support for qualifying families through Clothes for Kids in Lynnwood, and
         shoe vouchers through Snohomish County; other resources are available at times.
    Q:  What is your phone number?
    A:  425-385-7800
    Q: What is your email address?
    A:  sstory@everettsd.org