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    Operations and Algebraic Thinking 

    Tic-Tac-Toe Squares: students play Tic-Tac-Toe against the computer after answering the math problem in the square they want to move into (set to Easy or Medium addition and subtraction)

    Number Bonds: students aim an addend at the other addend that equals 10.

    Number Bonds II: students pick a target number 10 to 20 and then race to find pairs of addends that total the target number

    Zogs and Monsters: students pick an addend to focus on, then they race to find the sums before the monster gets them (can set addend from +1 to +10) 

    Island Chase Subtraction: students answer subtraction questions with single digit numbers as they race their jet ski around islands (encourages speed and accuracy)
    Monster Magician: students solve basic addition and subtraction problems with interactive monsters

    Numbers and Operations in Base Ten 
    Gumball Surprise: compare two 3-digit numbers

    Compare Numbers: use < or > to describe the relationship between two digits 1 to 10,000 (sometimes needs to be refreshed to work)

    + 10 Game: Students click on the number that is 10 more than the target # on a hundreds chart

    -10 Game: Students click on the number that is 10 less than the target # on a hundreds chart

    Sequence Square: students play in pairs to click on the next number in the sequence (can set it to count by  5's, 10's, 100's) Sequence Square for 1 player

    Measurement and Data 

    Count US Coins: create a given total by dragging coins to a mat

    Let's Compare: count two quantities of money then compare them with <, > or =

    Counting Change Matching: students match the value of several coins with their total

    Stop the Clock : clock starts at a given time, students choose to go up by 1/4 hour, 1/2 hour or hour - first player to land on 12 o'clock wins

    Telling Time: discover familiarity with how we "say" time out loud "quarter past eight", etc...

    Measure It: students use a centimeter or inch ruler to measure line segments

    Bar Graph Sorter: students graph shapes by color or shape


    Bowling for Fractions: students create and name a fraction of a whole