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    10 Frame Add: click on add and have students build numbers with 10 frames and then find the sum

    Alien Addition: select the equation that matches the given sum (set sum 1 - 10)

    Number Bonds: students aim an addend at the other addend that equals 10.

    Robin Hood's Doubles: Practice doubling numbers 1-9


    Subtraction Harvest: solve basic subtraction equations (numbers 1-10)

    Target Take Away: remove targets to determine the answer on a number line model

    Dump Truck Subtraction: solve subtraction problems less than 20


    Addition and Subtraction

    Line Jumper: add or subtract using a number line (try easy or medium)

    Knight Toss add the numbers to storm the castle

    Fact Family: create 4 equations with the given digits (two addition and two subtraction)



    Missing Number: match the addend to its basic addition fact ( Eg. 3 and  7 + ___ = 10 are matches)


    Number and Operations in Base Ten 

    Fill in the Missing Numbers: students fill in the blank spots on a hundred chart

    Give the Dog a Bone: quickly find the bone on the 100 chart before time runs out

    Shark Numbers: students determine number represented with base-ten blocks

    Lifeguards: use 10s and 1s to get to a target number

    + 10 Game: Students click on the number that is 10 more than the target # on a hundreds chart

    Whack a Mole: students set "steps of" to the number 10, then adjust the "start number" to a 2-digit number. Then click on the number in the sequence that is 10 more than the given number

    -10 Game: Students click on the number that is 10 less than the target # on a hundreds chart

    Fruit Splat: Compare Numbers: click on the symbol (<, >, or =) that explains the relationship between 2 given numbers.

    Raceway Number Values: determine the symbol (<, >, or =) that explains the relationship between 2 given numbers. (use whole number EASY)


    Measurement and Data

    Clock Splat: match the analog clock to the written time (to the hour) or digital time to the half hour



    Shapes Splat: click on the shape that matches