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  • Karen Johnson Welcome to Woodside Math! I am Woodside's math coach, Mrs. Johnson.
    This is my 15th year teaching at wonderful Woodside. I taught 4th and 5th grade in Marysville before coming to Woodside. I've also taught 3rd and 4th grades at Woodside, as well as spending 6 years as a math support teacher. I graduated from the University of Washington with my B.A. in developmental psychology and received my K-8 teaching certification from Seattle Pacific University.
    I am thrilled to be the math coach at Woodside supporting students, parents, and teachers. Please reach out to me if there is anything I can do to support you and/or your students.
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    Please contact your classroom teacher or Mrs. Johnson to get the Zoom link for your math class.

     Math Tools:

    multicolored abacus                                     


    Resources Family Guidance
    Math is Everywhere List of activities 

    Math is all around our everyday life! 

    • Review this list of activities to find ways to “mathematize” everyday activities and to support the idea that math is everywhere around us!  
    • Try to complete one activity every other day



    Standards-aligned math activites are available to your students.

    • Help your student do 2 to 3 math lessons per week (approximately 45 minutes) as well as 20 minutes of math learning games per week. 
    • Consider using additional i-Ready resources with your student

    Math Games

    Use the links to access instructions for fun math games! 

    • Play a game with a partner.  Partners could be a peer, sibling, or adult. 
    • Think about strategies you are using while playing the game to help you be more successful. 
    • Ask your partner why they make certain moves in the game to learn about their strategies for playing.  


     Fluency Card Games 

    • K: Use 5 Frame Cards 
    • 1st: Use 10 Frame Cards 
    • 2nd:  Use 20 Frame Cards 

    Race to Trace 

    Cross the Decade 

    Addition Bump 

    Shut the Box 

    Number Grid Tic Tac Toe 


    Bowl a Fact 

    Tic Tac Toe Sums 


    Card Games

    Use the links to access instructions for fun math card games! Ask your student about math-related strategies they use while playing the game 

    • Why did you do make that move? 
    • What number are you hoping to roll? Why? 
    • What card are you hoping to draw?  Why? 
    • What will happen if you roll/draw a ___ this time? 
    • What do you not want to draw/roll?  Why?  

    K-2 Card Games 

    Grades 3-5 Card Games 

    math for love  Counting Collections Instruction

    Use the link below to access instructions for fun counting games! 

    • Student can count collections of items around the house (pennies, cheerios, LEGOs, buttons, etc.). 
      Sample Collection size (adjust based on the need of your student):
      • Kindergarten: 20-50 items 
      • First Grade: 75-120 items
      • Second Grade:  100+ items
      • Third through fifth grade: 100-300 items  

    Students can record how they counted on the count record sheet (see recording sheets attached to the link at left).  

    • Ask questions about how your student counted. 
    • Provide tools to help your student organize their count like small plates, cups, ten frames (attached to link below) and empty egg cartons


    Extension Activities

    Use the links to access instructions for fun math extensions! 

    • Follow the directions on the problem-solving tasks. 
    • Most tasks will take more than one day. 



    Help the Tooth Fairy 

    Feet in a Habitat 

    Link to One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab  

    First Grade:  

    Carnival Fun 

    Nature Walk 

    Second Grade: 

    Building a School 

    Hiking Trails Vacation Project


    Prodigy Math  Prodigy

    Prodigy is a platform for students to play games and learn math at the same time! Check with teacher about log in.

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