Sequoia's 2021-22 Theme is Unstoppable!



    We believe that supporting student success is best done in a partnership with parents, guardians, and trusted adults.  We have compiled a list of tools, resources, and information for these types of people who support our students in collaboration with our staff.  

    Please do not hesitate to reach out with further questions at 425-385-5100. 

    Parents/Guardians/Significant Adults





     SHS Parent/Guardian/Significant Adult Informational Video - This is a short seven minute video about how to support your Sequioa student.


    Sequioa Commercial - This three minute commercial will give you a tour, information, and insight into what we are all about.


    MS Account Management - Learning Management Services facilitates a parent's ability to help their student to be successful. Each guardian who has been granted web access to their student is given a parent account when their student becomes active in Everett Public Schools.  Below are the three main systems we use in Everett to support your student's learning.

    Home Access Center

    Home Access Center - Students and families can go here to complete annuals forms, update information, and access other important information.


    canvas logo

    Canvas - Canvas is the online learning platform where our teachers will keep assignments, content, and curriculum for each of your student's classes.  If your student happens to be absent or gone, Canvas is the first place to check for what they have missed.  Parents can also access their student's classes to see exactly what they're learning.  This video shows you how to use the Canvas app.


    Log in to gradebook

    Gradebook for Families - Famillies can access their student's attendance, grades, and see upcoming and missing assignments.