Gradebook for Parents and Students

    Gradebook offers parents and students secure online access to real-time information about how students in your family are doing in school. Gradebook allows guardians of students to sign-up for email subscriptions to grade and assignment reports, view their student’s current grades, assignments, and attendance.
    Setting up a parent/guardian Gradebook account provides access to information for all students linked to that account.
    Gradebook provides families the ability to:
    • Access your student's information with a secure log in
    • View attendance for middle and high school students
    • View assignment grades and teachers' comments immediately as they are posted
    • Upcoming assignments
    • See missing assignments
    • Review test scores and transcripts to keep students on track for graduation
    • Sign up to receive emails of class assignment reports automatically or request alerts when a grade drops below a certain letter grade
  • Watch this short video to learn more about the Gradebook mobile view for parents and students.

    If you are unable to view information for one or more of your children using your parent account, please call your child's school and ask to have your  student's account linked to your parent account.
    Navigating Gradebook directions for elementary students: English language icon Arabic language icon Russian language icon Spanish language icon Vietnamese language icon
    Navigating Gradebook directions for secondary students: English language icon Arabic language icon Russian language icon  Spanish language icon  Vietnamese language icon
    Sign up for assignments and grade reports  emailed automatically
    Elementary grades are only available in print from the schools at the end of each semester (February and June).  Contact your school if you do not receive your Elementary Progress Report.
    Do you need parent/guardian access to Gradebook? Send an email to with your name, student name(s), student ID# and school they attend. We will respond with your login/password by email. Our system will only send information to the email on file with the school. 
    Video on how to navigate Gradebook from your mobile device: