LMS Parent/Guardian Account

Father and son
  • Learning Management Services (LMS) facilitates a parent's ability to help their student to be successful. Using your LMS parent/guardian account, you will gain access to the following systems:

    • Gradebook provides guardians to view real-time grades, assignments, and attendance, as well as set up weekly notifications for missing assignments or falling grades.
    • Home Access Center allows guardians to access bus routes, report cards (gr 6-12), transcripts (gr 7-12), discipline, IEP, update student and contact information, and enroll a new student.
    • Canvas Parent allows guardians to see curriculum content, message teachers, and help their students stay on track. Parents will also receive notifications for announcements, assignments, discussions, and calendar reminders. 


  • Parent/Guardian of NEW students

    Please look for an email from LMS@everettsd.org with subject “Welcome Parent / Guardian to Everett Public Schools” to start setting up your parent/guardian account.  This account will give you access to Gradebook, Home Access Center and Canvas  Parent to support  your student. See video below to walk you through the process of activating a guardian account.

    If you cannot find the automated email or  do not know your username, open a Tech Support Ticket.  We will respond with your login/password by email during office hours.  Our system will only send information to the email provided with the school. 

    Parent/Guardian of CURRENT students who know their username but have forgotten their password

    Parent usernames follow the pattern: first initial, period, last name. Sample: J.Doe for John Doe.

    1. Go to Password Management Tool (RapidIdentity)

    2. Click on "Need help?" icon.

    3. Select "Forgot Password" and follow prompts.

    Watch this video to recover a forgotten password or username:


    If you have questions, check out the Family Technology Support page.