Counseling Program

  • How Does it Work?
    Many parents and guardians wonder what the school counselor does within the school. Most remember a guidance counselor from their school years, but the role of the counselor, particularly in the K-5 school years, has changed. These days, the school counselor divides time among many tasks in support of students. Primarily, these include individual and small group counseling, teaching developmental guidance lessons, and collaborating with parents, staff, and community members.
    That makes me both a counselor and a teacher. As the school counselor, I will deliver developmental guidance curriculum lessons in your child's classroom. All of the lessons  adhere to the ASCA National Standards and focus on academic, personal/social, and career learning opportunities. Please talk with your child about what they are learning during guidance and make use of that teachable moment.
    I also run small groups, focused mainly on "life management," which meet weekly. Because I serve a school of many students, my concern is always whether I am meeting their needs. So, when I am not in a meeting or working with students in my office, I am often in the hallways, cafeteria, classrooms, or even on the playground. 
    On a daily basis, I will collaborate and consult with parents, teachers, and administrators. I work closely with parents, as needed, to support their child's ability to learn and be successful at school. I also consult with school psychologists, social workers, mental health agencies, and other individuals and organizations which are available in the community to support our students.
    In short, I am here to help.
    Please be aware of my sincere respect for confidentiality. In all of my consultation, collaboration, and counseling activities, I follow and adhere to the ASCA ethical guidelines for confidentiality.