• Jefferson Elementary takes social and emotional learning very seriously! As the school counselor, I am proud to implement the Second Step curriculum for all of our students. Kindergarten through second grade receives the Second Step Child Protection Unit lessons. Third grade through fifth grade receive the Second Step Bullying Prevention Unit lessons. Teachers also play a vital role in implementing the Second Step curriculum in each of their classrooms. 

    Another counseling intervention offered is group counseling. As a counselor, I receive input from teachers, staff, admin, families on specific needs of students. When there are multiple students who may have a similar need, sometimes group counseling is the perfect way to address that need. Examples of groups are grief group, friendship group, Circle of Friends, self-esteem group, social skills group, positive behavior group, and more! 

    If a student would like to speak with the counselor, they can request their teacher to send an email. Conflict resolution or restorative conversations are also quite common in the counselor's office. This allows students to have a safe space to solve and resolve problems during the school day with other peers.