Guidance Curriculum

  • Here at Jefferson we use the Second Step Curriculum to support social and emotional learning. Topics range from basic social skills like politeness and waiting your turn -  to emotional supports such as calming down, and controlling your anger. Our teachers this year are taking an active part of teaching some of this curriculum in the classroom. 


    I will be going into the classrooms to educate around Harassment and Bullying as well as Safe Touch. We here at Jefferson value student safety and believe every child has a right to feel safe and secure in their environment. 


    I will also be reinforcing some of the second step curriculum to those students who may need some additional supports. This will be done in small groups. Teachers will assist me by referring students who might be struggling with conflict resolutions; handling their emotions or grief support. Others may be added as the need is identified. 


    I can also provide individual support to students. If they are struggling with something and need to see me they simply can ask their teacher or fill out a form at the front desk and I will call them down. This does not take place of ongoing individual counseling that your child may need and can receive in the community but it can compliment it and is available as needed. 


    Activities around career exploration will also be implemented.