•  Fitness Test Rubric

    Push-up Protocols:

    • Hands placed flat under shoulders on floor shoulder width apart.
    • The shoulders, back, and legs are in a straight line. (Keep it Straight)
    • The body is lowered until elbows are at a 90-degree angle and upper arms are parallel to the floor.
    • The body lifts up until the arms are straight. (Up and Straight)
    • Cadence is to down, two, three and up, two, three. (Down, 2, 3, and Up, 2, 3)

    Perfect Pushups Video

    Sit-up Protocols:
    • Student lying on mat has knees bent with feet flat on the floor. Heels are 12-18 inches from their gluteals.
    • Arms crossed and hands on top of shoulders.
    • Partner kneels down in front of them and places hands around their ankles with thumbs to the inside.
    • With arms crossed, the student comes up to touch elbows to thighs and returns to starting position, so scapulas touch the mat. This equals one sit-up
    Sit Reach Protocols:
    • Sit down on the floor at the sit and reach box with knees fully extended.
    • Place feet shoulder width apart and flat against the end of the box.
    • Student places hand over hand, lining up middle fingers together, palms down and arms fully extended.
    • Students should inhale and exhale as they slowly push the bar as far forward as possible without bending their legs.
    • Both middle fingers must remain in contact with the bar. 
    Pacer Protocols:
    • The Pacer CD will instruct the students when to run to the opposite side of the 20 meter course. If they arrive before the beep they must stop on the line and wait for the next beep before running in the opposite direction.
    • If a student is unable to make it to the line before the beep he/she is to immediately turn around and run in the opposite direction.
    • Each participant is allowed one time where he/she is unable to make it to a line. The second time he/she is unable to make it to a line, the measurement is over.