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    ¡Bievenidos a la clase de español! Welcome to Gateway’s Spanish 1 class.  I am excited to help you build your Spanish conversational skills, vocabulary, reading, writing, presenting and growing a passion for the many rich cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.  I also hope you make new friends and strengthen your skills as a student.

    In our class, we work together as a team to support every student.  It is normal and appropriate to make mistakes.  I also expect you to work and practice carefully with a positive attitude.  I’m here to help you build your Spanish foundation, so be sure to ask for help!

    Expect to spend around 20 minutes each night studying Spanish.  Once you finish an assignment, spend the rest of that time studying, practicing, reviewing your notes, using a study help website (try quizlet.com), and reading.

    I am available for extra help by appointment before school, some days during 8th grade lunch, and after school.  Just ask and we will find a time that works for you.

    I also teach Compacted 7/8 Math.  I enjoy teaching you Math skills as well as strengthening your problem-solving and creating thinking skills.  If you need help in 7/8 Math, you can make individual appointments with me before or after school, as well as taking advantage of MASH after-school help (M/W) and Study Hall (M-Th.).

    Janaya Almquist