• Gateway Middle School

    2023-2024 Supply List

    The following is a suggested list of items your student will need for the first week. Teachers will share specifics during the first week of school regarding any additional items. Please reach out to your student’s counselor if you need financial assistance with required items.

    •  Wired headphones
    •  Colored pencils
    •  Black/blue pens
    •  Assorted highlighters, at least 4 colors
    •  #2 Pencils
    •  4 function or Scientific calculator (6th-8th grade Math)
    •  Scientific calculator or graphing calculator (especially helpful in Geometry & Algebra)
    •  Pens – red
    •  Scissors
    •  Ruler (cm/in)
    •  2 Composition notebooks - 1 for ELA, 1 for Math
    •  Compass (Geometry)
    •  Art: 5.5 x 8.5” or larger sketchbook, 2 ultra-fine black Sharpies, 1 fine black Sharpie, ongoing supply of hexagonal wooden pencils, hand held pencil sharpener with flip-close lid, and 2 hipolymer erasers. 
    •  Band/Orchestra instrument rental and supplies: If your student is planning to take band or orchestra, you will need to rent or purchase an instrument and buy some supplementary supplies/accessories.   Some larger instruments are available for rental from the school. Rental information will be distributed by the band/orchestra director. 
    •  Science class: Please provide 3 composition notebooks (not spiral bound) with first and last name on the front cover and a roll of tape for a refillable tape dispenser.
    •  Spanish class: : Please provide a small portable white board, regular supply of whiteboard markers, and an eraser. There will be additional supplies required throughout the year for projects.
    •  PE Clothing Recommendations: Shirts: Students will need to wear a crew neck t-shirt preferably white, light grey, or a plain light color and a shirt that can have their first and last name written in permanent marker across the front. Sweatshirts can be worn for cold weather months. If desired, you may purchase a school PE shirt in the main office for a minimal fee. Bottoms: Students can wear school dress code appropriate shorts, sweats, yoga pants, or leggings of any color. Shoes: Students need to wear comfortable athletic style shoes that lace up and are non-marking. PE Locks: Students have the option to provide their own PE lock or not use a lock. All PE students will be issued a basket. PE clothes should be separate from clothes worn to school each day in support of good hygiene. If you are unable to provide PE clothing or sweats for the colder months, please reach out to your school office support and/or counselor.