GUARD Your Character!

  • Welcome to Gateway Middle School!

    I am honored to serve the Gateway community as principal. Gateway has a history of high expectations for student performance, a supportive and involved community, and staff dedicated to serving the needs of each individual Gateway Guardian.

    Middle school is a time of tremendous growth for our students - socially, cognitively, and physically. It is important to me that our school is reflective of each student we serve and reflective of the multitude of cultural backgrounds present in our community.

    At Gateway, we ask that students “Guard Your Character.” This means that we expect each student to do their part in making sure that our school is safe, that students care for one another, and that each student’s individuality is accepted as part of our community. This does NOT mean that we expect all students to be the same. In Guarding Your Character, we teach expectations with GUARD:

    G – Grit – Be positive with a stick-to-it attitude

    U – Universal Respect – Be respectful of peers, property, and self

    A – Acceptance – Be willing to help and work with others, know that each student is different

    R – Responsibility – Be ready to learn, take accountability for your actions

    D – Do What’s Right – Be honest and positive, speak up and help the community

    As you talk with your student, please help us to reinforce these expectations. When we partner together between school and home and use universal language, students will better know what to expect and will be ready to thrive as we prepare students for high school and beyond.

    Lastly, I encourage you to get involved! One of the biggest indicators of student success in school is parental involvement. We have a thriving PTSA organization that can help connect parents with volunteer opportunities, as well as a Natural Leaders program to help parents whose primary language is not English to connect with our school community.  We invite you to attend band, choir, or orchestra performances, come out to athletic events, and to engage with students daily regarding their academic progress.

    Thank you for being part of the Gateway Family. Go Guardians!

    Matt Bennett, Principal

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