Welcome to Mr. Lunder's Class

  • Jason Lunder

    Welcome to the most important class / subject on your schedule, United States History! 

    The history of our country (the people and events that led to who and what we are) make up the most important series of events in the history of the world…but more importantly, it provides a lot of interesting opportunities to read and write, and think critically and problem solve...  In short, history teaches how to think and learn, prepares young people to be active and engaged citizens, and it makes for a great story! 

    I am excited to have your student in my 8th grade United States History class this year, and am looking forward to a year full of learning, growth, and development.
    Please use the calendar and assignments page, along with LMS to monitor assigned homework and due dates, and dates for quizzes and tests.  Feel free to contact me at jlunder@everettsd.org or by phone (425) 385-6775 if you have any questions or concerns.