• Ms. VanTuyl

    Hello Gateway Students and Families,

    Welcome to an exciting school year of discovery! This year our classroom of learners will explore a wide range of ideas and answer many thought-provoking questions as they engage with the Next Generation Science Standards. Students will be developing their skills in science and engineering practices. 

    During 6th grade, we will focus on:

    Diversity of Life: We will begin our study of living organisms by using our knowledge of life to create explanations for what is living and what is not.  We will examine different living microorganisms and compare them to one another. We will also compare single and multi-celled organisms. Students will then examine individual cells and learn about their basic structure and function.

    Catastrophic Events: Students will explore the many different natural catastrophic events of the world and discover the reason for their occurrences on the Earth.  In the first part of this unit, we will investigate storms, exploring the causes and effects of severe weather events like thunderstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes.  Students will also learn about convection and the natural causes of convection on the Earth. During the second part of this unit, we will focus on the causes and effects of earthquakes and volcanoes, while exploring the Earth’s interior.


    Extra Help: Please contact me immediately if you feel you need extra help or are struggling on an assignment or science concept. I am available for Zoom sessions during teacher office hours and on Wednesdays. Sign up for an appointment in the Canvas calendar or email me to schedule a meeting if needed. My email address is jvantuyl@everettsd.org. 


    Additional Help for Parents

    Here is a link to Parent University that has useful videos and links to FAQs.

    https://www.everettsd.org/Page/37540 (Links to an external site.) 


    Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.  

    Thank you,
    6th Grade Science
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