Resetting District Network Password

  • Do you need to reset your password?
    Did your password expire?
    Have you forgotten your password?

    Find the answers to these questions below:
    Resetting your password (PDF)
    Resetting an expired password (PDF)

    Resetting your password 
    (This is the password you use to sign in to a district computer, the website, and to get email.)


     your employee number
     Enter Password
     Click Login 
    change  Your first time in you will be asked  to set challenge questions.


     Change Password

    Current Password
    Enter New Password
    Confirm New Password

    If your new password meets the password policy and has not been used previously, the words Password Meets Requirements will display and the Change Password  button will activate.

    Click Change Password

    Resetting an expired password


     your employee number
     Enter Password
     Click Login 

    Click Click Here to change your password
     DO NOT Enter Username and Password again.

    New Password 
    Verify Password

    Make sure your new password meets the password policy and has not been used previously.

    Click Next

    expired updated

    This screen notifies you that your password change was successful.


    Getting Your Password reset when you forgot it. 

    To maintain your account's security, you must contact the help desk from a district phone or come to the welcome desk at the Community Resource Center. The help desk can be reached at 425-385-4357.