Welcome to Mr. Baker's Class

  • Hayden Baker


    Hello and welcome Industrial Technology and Computer Applications students and families,

    Over the coming weeks I’m looking forward to sharing a variety of learning engagement opportunities with you during the closure of Everett Public Schools.

    I strongly encourage parents/guardians to read over all materials with students as there is safety information as well as a large amount of other information contained in a relatively compact space.

    Under normal circumstances, all the classes I teach are designed to be lab classes where tasks are completed in class, over several days or weeks.  If parents and students are trying to figure out how to allot a student’s time, they can use the 30 minutes a day rule of thumb.  This means that if one student decides to do 30 minutes of work daily for a week and another decides to work for 2.5 hours on one day, both have put in an entire week’s worth of school closure worktime.  I want students and parents to do what works best for them, so I am not making any recommendations as to how or even if a family decides to approach these learning engagement activities.  I will be offering learning engagement activities on Monday of every week that are designed to take approximately 2.5 hours for the average student to finish.

    I will be checking my email regularly Monday-Friday from approximately 7:30 am until 3 pm.  I will respond as soon as I can as I will also be participating in Zoom meetings and professional development.  Emails received after about 3 pm on Fridays will be responded to on Monday morning.   

    Please look at the vertical blue bar to the left of this message.  You should see a link to each of the classes I teach.  Please click on the one that applies to you or your student to find the learning engagement materials you are looking for.


    Hayden Baker