• Mr. Baker March 16, 2020

    Parents and students,

    Thanks for checking in during this crazy time in 2020.  As you know, our learning environment has changed significantly.  I recognize that many students want to use this time to maintain skills, explore concepts and go back to learn things that might have gone by too fast.  I'm hoping I can provide a platform to enrich student learning in these trying times.  Know that I am working on trying to develop that platform and I apperciate your patience while that happens.

    My main form of communication will be Google Classroom, as it is what was being used before the school shut down.  I will be adding weekly recommendations for students starting not later than March 23, 2020.  Updates will show up in the Google Classroom stream.  All students have been invited to Google Classroom, and they can also join with a code if something has messed up in the meantime.  Codes are below if needed.

    Thanks and stay safe!

    Google Classroom Class Codes

    Class / Period


    1st Period - 8th Grade Math


    2nd Period - 8th Grade Math


    3rd Period - 7th Grade Math


    4th Period - 8th Grade Math


    6th Period - 8th Grade Math


    7th Period - 8th Grade Math