• Mrs. Weaver

    An accomplished singer, Pamela Weaver brings her passion and love of the stage to her students every day in an engaging and energic atmosphere. Students are greeted at the door by name with a smile and a high-5....and then they get to work! Students of Mrs. Weaver learn that hard work is the norm, a Growth Mindset is key, and rewards come often as they see their potential take flight.

    As an accomplished educator, Pamela strives to create a safe and encouraging space in the music classroom where all students can be the best version of themselves every day. With a focus on solid music pedagogy including sight-reading, vocal technique and health, music theory, and ensemble singing, Mrs. Weaver's choirs exceed expectations at each grade level and regularly are rated in the top categories.

    In addition to teaching students how to be independent learners inside the choir class, Mrs. Weaver challenges them to change the world outside the walls of the classroom by looking for small moments that make a big difference.

    My students spend more time outside of my classroom than in, which means my class needs to be about more than just music. I strive to encourage my students to realize the power they have to make a difference in the world, even though small acts like saying hi or holding open a door.

    Our campaign is "The Smile Campaign," and our motto is, "Make your moments count."

    How are YOU going to change the world today?