• Mrs. Brown Dear PCE Families,

    I hope you are settling into our new way of living and learning. I am looking forward to a great (but different) year in 3rd grade!! Our 3rd grade team is so excited to meet you all!

    I'm ready to "Adventure Together" this year and rock this 3rd grade year with you all. I've been teaching since 2000, and every year I learn something new.  I am super excited becuase we get to use technology that wasn't even invented when I was a kid. The kind of video conferencing and interactive learning we have been using lately was only in movies and cartoons like the Jetsons (ask your parents if they remember that one)! I have taught in Granite Falls and Everett School Districts and this is my 4th year at Penny Creek. Both my kids went to Penny Creek, so I've actually been hanging with the PCE Frogs for a lot longer than that!

    I'm a Northwest native and grew up in the area. We currently live in Snohomish, not too far from the soccer and pumpkin fields. Our family enjoys doing lots of things outside like camping, walking, and riding bikes. I love reading, hanging in my backyard, and baking lots of bread! I enjoy a good ol' fashioned Family Movie Night anytime we can get one. You may be interested to find out that I got my teaching degree at Western Washington University, and went to college in Galway, Ireland. My favorite subjects are Science, Math, and Writing!


    If you have any questions, please reach out. Email is the best way for parents to contact me; however, you can also leave a voicemail message on my classroom phone, and I will do my best to access messages, although it will be sporadic. 

    Please stay in touch and take care of your loved ones and yourself!

    Anne Brown


    (425) 385-7243


    Additional Resources 

    Language Services: District websites can be translated in multiple languages. Use the drop-down menu at the top of the EPS homepage to select "translate this page," and a Google translate window will open. You can then select the language needed.