Meet the Teacher Librarian

  • logo Hello, my name is Robin Mohr.

    I have been the full time librarian at Penny Creek for 10 years now. I love every minute getting to read, share and purchase new books for the students of this school. We have so many students that love to read - it is so exciting!

    I would not be able to make the library such a wonderful place to be if I didn't have so many volunteers that come help me keep up with everything. THANK-YOU!!! So if you are looking for a place to volunteer - come on down!!

    Robin Mohr

    picture of Mrs. Mohr  

    Little Bit about Me

    I have been married to Dennis for 40 years and we have two sons, Andy and Tyler.

    I have a granddaughter, Myka, who is 5 years old and is Andy's daughter.

    She already loves to sit and read books with Grandpa now that she has started kindergarten.

    My son Tyler and his wife, Jessica, have a little boy, his name is Barrett. He just turned 4 years old. He is learning Karate and has already moved up 3 belts! 

    We have an English Bulldog, Tica, who is the most stubborn animal I have ever met and constantly keeps us on our toes. Here she is sleeping on the bed!!!

    Reading and sharing books is a passion in my life and I hope I can take all of the Penny Creek students with me on the journey to discover many many wonderful stories..................