Meet the Teacher Librarian

  • logo Hello, my name is Robin Mohr.

    I have been the full time librarian at Penny Creek for 13 years now. I love every minute getting to read, share and purchase new books for the students of this school. We have so many students that love to read - it is so exciting!

    I would not be able to make the library such a wonderful place to be if I didn't have so many volunteers that come help me keep up with everything. THANK-YOU!!! So if you are looking for a place to volunteer - come on down!! Even if it is only one afternoon a week....

    Robin Mohr

    picture of Mrs. Mohr  

    Little Bit about Me

    I have been married to Dennis for 42 years and we have two sons, Andy and Tyler.

    I have a granddaughter, Myka, who is 7 years old and is Andy's daughter.

    She already loves to sit and read books with Grandpa now that she is in 2nd grade.

    My son Tyler and his wife, Jessica, have a little boy, his name is Barrett. He just turned 6 years old. He is learning Karate and has already moved up 3 belts! 

    Dennis and I live in Snohomish and plant a huge garden so our neighborhood deer family comes by regularly and helps themselves. Dennis keeps the birds and squirrels fed.

    Reading and sharing books is a passion in my life and I hope I can take all of the Penny Creek students with me on the journey to discover many many wonderful stories..................