Library Info

  • Working in the library Our library is visited by every Penny Creek student, every week. Our library is staffed by one full time, certificated, "Teacher-Librarian" and one part time. Students come to the library with their entire class where a short instructional session is taught and time is given for the students to check out new books.

    Students can browse the shelves or use one of our library computers to check the "card catalog." Using O.P.A.C. software, students can search by Title, Author, Subject or Keyword to find out whether or not a book is in the collection and whether it is "checked out" or "in."

    Each class has an assigned "library day" each week. Ask your student, "What day is your library day?"

    Students in the upper grade levels use the computerized Follett software and bar-code scanner to check out their selections independently. Books are generally due two weeks from the checkout date. When a student has a book that has become overdue they may not check out any more books until it is returned.


    If you need to visit the library, please ask the office staff if it is a good time, since our Teacher-Librarians are teaching lessons to classes during the school day.

     Below is the day of the week that each classroom comes to the Library.


    Sparks, Gurno, Beardriel, Vance,

    Tibayan, Osmonson, and Ulke



    Peters, Romaneschi, Mytton, Geibel

    Daniels, Monson



    Harvey, Laws, Judd, Willis

    Weiland, Johnson, Ripley



    Jacobsen, Van Dyke, Harvey, Weiland, Willis

    Lobe, Douglas (This is their check-out day)



    Donohew, Woodrum, Bratton,