• Mrs. Brunner

    Welcome Resource Room Students and Families!

    My name is Kristen Brunner. This is my first year teaching resource room at Penny Creek Elementary, and I am excited about the learning that will be taking place!

    There are two resource room teachers at Penny Creek this year! Kim Evans and I work closely together to teach our students who receive resource room services for reading, written expression, math, social behavior skills, and adaptive skills. 

    On my website, you will find links to student engagement resources, support, and important information. I will continue to post resources here as I work to find materials to support student learning. Please feel free to use these resources as you would like- they are not required. 

    IEPs and/or re-evaluations that are due during the school closure will still be taking place. I will contact you individually to schedule those meetings to take place over either phone or video conference. 

    Throughout the school closure, I will be available between the hours of 9:00am-3:30pm. Please reach out to me if you have any questions! I check my email messages daily and will be communicating primarily through email.


    Kristen Brunner

    425-385-7262 (Classroom Number)

    360-602-6516 (Remote Number via Google Voice)