• Helpful Books and Videos
    • Learning to Slow Down and Pay Attention:  A Book for Kids
    • Taking Charge of ADHD:  The Complete Authoritative Guide for Parents
    • Why Won’t my Child Pay Attention?  A Guide for Parents of Hyperactive and Inattentive Children  (VIDEO)





    • Keys to Effective Discipline:  A Parent’s Guide to Managing Difficult  Behavior  (BOOK  OR  VIDEO)
    • The Parent’s Guide:  Solutions to Today’s Most Common Behavior Problems in the Home
    • Your Defiant Child:  8 Steps to Better Behavior
    • 1–2–3 Magic:  Effective Discipline for Children 2 –12  (VIDEO)
    • Go to Your Room!  Consequences that Teach



    • Don’t Divorce Us:  Kids’ Advice to Divorcing Parents
    • Children:  The Experts on Divorce (VIDEO)



    • Good Friends are Hard to Find:  Help Your Child Make and Keep Friends
    • What to do when Kids are Mean to Your Child           



    • Grandparents as Parents:  A Survival Guide for Raising a Second Family



    • Helping Children Cope with the Loss of a Loved One:  A Guide for Grownups
    • 2021 Kindergarten Orientation video
    • How to Help Your Child with Homework
    • Solve Your Child's School Related Problems
    • The Survival Guide For the Parents of Gifted Kids
    • It Starts with a Book and You!  (VIDEO & GUIDE) 


    • Early Adolescence:  Understanding the 10 to 15 Year Old
    • Help!  The Kids are at it Again
    • How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk
    • It’s not Fair, Jeremy Spencer’s Parents Let Him Stay Up all Night!
    • Kids are Worth It!  Giving Your Child the Gift of Inner Discipline
    • The Manipulative Child
    • Parenting with Love and Logic  (BOOK  OR  VIDEO)
    • Raising Your Spirited Child: A Guide for Parents Whose Child is More Intense, Sensitive, Perceptive, Persistent, & Energetic
    • 13 Steps to Help Families Stop Fighting and Solve Problems Peacefully
    • Win the Whining War and Other Skirmishes
    • Your Anxious Child:  How Parents and Teachers can Relieve Anxiety in Children
    • Survival Tips For Working Moms
    • Teaching Your Children Responsibility
    • Teaching Your Child Sensitivity
    • Reviving Ophelia
    • How to End the Sibling Wars
    • I Am Your Child:  The First Years Last Forever  (VIDEO & GUIDE)
    • Keeping Your Child Safe (VIDEO)
    • Personal Safety for Children
    • Your Child:  A Parent’s Guide to Health & Safety
    • Growing Up Drug Free:  A Parent’s Guide to Prevention 
    • Personal Safety for 4-6 graders:  Protect Yourself Rules (VIDEO)