Great Kindness Challenge

  • Kindness Matters!

    Woodside Toucans will be joining thousands of other students from around the world in the Great Kindness Challenge.  The official dates of the challenge are January 25 - 28, 2021.  We will likely need to make adjustments to how we usually do the Great Kindness Challenge this school year, due to school closures and COVID-19.

    Usually, during the Great Kindness Challenge, students are challenged to complete as many kind gestures as possible.  They are given lists of kind deeds to complete during the challenge and they are encouraged to make up their own too.

    We also usually show how kindness matters by holding a food drive for a local food bank that takes care of our school community.  We ask that food items be from a specific list since these are the items used in food bags for our school community.  To be conscious of not accidentally spreading the virus, we may need to raise money to donate instead of bringing food items to school.



    Here is a video to get you in the spirit of the week. 

    Great Kindness Challenge

    Kindness Matters -- Great Kindness Challenge Video


    Kindergarten Challenge List


    Grades 1-5 Challenge List