• Instructional Units
    • Unit 1: The Challenge of Heroism

             Essential Questions: What defines a hero?  How does the Hero's Journey Archetype appear in stories
             throughout time?
             Embedded Assessment 1: Writing a Hero's Journey Narrative
             Embedded Assessment 2: Writing a Definition Essay
    • Unit 2: The Challenge of Utopia

             Essential Questions: To what extent can a perfect or ideal society exist?  What makes an argument effective?
             Embedded Assessment 1: Writing an Expository Essay
             Embedded Assessment 2: Writing an Argumentative Essay
    • Unit 3: The Challenge to Make a Difference

             Essential Questions: Why is it important to learn about the Holocaust?  How can one person make a difference?
             Embedded Assessment 1: Presenting Voices of the Holocaust
             Embedded Assessment 2: Presenting a Multimedia Campaign
    • Unit 4: The Challenge of Comedy

             Essential Questions: How do writers and speakers use humor to convey truth?  What makes an
             effective performance of a Shakespearean comedy?
             Embedded Assessment 1: Writing an Analysis of a Humorous Text
             Embedded Assessment 2: Performing a Shakespearean Comedy