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    Thank you for your patience and diligence in making sure your students remain connected to learning! As we move forward, please have students connect to Google Classroom. I will email families with instructions on how to help your students begin with Google Classroom. I will post updates each week on Mondays to kick off the week. 


    Hello everyone!


    First off, thanks for all your encouragement and patience with your students and with the school.


    Next, I want to include directions for starting Google Classroom for the first time.


    1) Go to the Mill Creek Elementary Students Resource Page



    2) Click on the Google Tab


    3) Students log in with Student ID Number


    4) Click on Classroom (Green Chalkboard picture and Classroom Link).


    5) Enter class code: (see email sent 3/23/2020) 


    *If your student needs to connect to Google Classroom via their email it is their student id number@apps.everettsd.org 


    Please email me with any questions as I am also learning how to use Google Classroom.


    Chelsea Sprong