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AP Book List

By the end of first semester you will  need to have an annotated bibliography of five books.  Three need to be from this AP book list (including Lord of the Flies).  The other two books are your free choice; as long as they are grade level or above and over 150 pages.


AP Book List

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    Posted by Michelle Walsh on 11/23/2016 3:00:00 AM

    Using the notes you took on clauses, find an example of one of the following:

    * Two independent clauses joined with a semi-colon

    * Two independent clauses joined with a coordinating conjunction (FANBOYS)

    * A dependent clause joined with an independent clause using a subordinating conjunction (AAAWWUBBIS)

    * An adjective clause (starting with who, whom, that)

    * An adverbial clause (starting with when, where)

    Then, hypothesize why the author chose that syntax and explain what effect it created.


    Answer in RACE format


    RA- Title of book, author, and type of clause.

    In the Power of Six, Pittacus Lore uses two independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction to describe a fight scene.

    C-Cite the clause

    " He was fast, and I had no time to react." (43)

    E- Explain why the author might have chosen that syntax and the effect it created.


    It is possible that Lore chose to combine these two sentences with a coordinating conjunction to highlight the relationship between the two sentences.  Lore adds on the comment that he had no time to react to the fact that the opponent was fast with the coordinating conjunction and.  This allows the reader to .........

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