• Boys Basketball

    Boys Basketball typically starts the very end of October and finishes the middle of December. 

    To view the Basketball schedule click here.   This will take you to a site with all the game schedules.  Make sure you are on the correct grade as there are two schedules, one for 7th grade and one for 8th grade.  For both teams there will be three days of tryouts that start on the First Day of Practice. 

    There are two teams of twelve players, Boys eighth grade and Boys seventh grade.  Basketball is a cut sport meaning any student can try out for the team and tryouts typically last three days.  After tryouts the final twelve athlete roster is determined.

    The teams practice Monday through Friday, every day there is school from 3:00pm to 4:45 pm.  There are no weekend practices or practices on days there is no school and there is no activity bus available to take students home.  Each team plays eight games during the season.


    7th Grade Coach - Jessen Schilaty