• Pathway for the Year


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    Unit 1: Stories of Change


    How can change be significant?


    What makes a good story?



    Write a Personal Narrative (autobiographical): I can write a personal narrative that includes a well-told incident, a response to the incident and a reflection about the significance of the incident.

    Write a Short Story (real or imagined): I can write a short story using dialogue, vivid verbs, an figurative language that captures a real or imagined experience and includes characters, conflict, and a plot with exposition, climax and resolution.



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    Unit 2: The Power to Change


    How can talking and working with others help one analyze a novel?


    How do internal and external forces help people grow?



    Respond to Literature: I can write an explanatory response to the novel Walk Two Moons.

    Write an Explanatory Essay: I can write a multi-paragraph explanatory essay explaining how people can improve their lives through observing and interacting with animals. I can give examples from my own life, from texts I’ve studied in this unit, from my independent reading, or from society that help support my explanation.


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    Unit 3: Changing Perspectives


    Why do we have controversy in society?


    How do we communicate in order to convince others?



    Research and Debate a Controversy: I can work collaboratively to research one side of a controversy that is affecting my school, community, or society. I will participate in a modified debate in which I argue my position and incorporate a visual display with appropriate headings and labels and/or multimedia for support.

    Write an Argumentative Letter: I can think about a topic (subject, event, idea, or controversy) that I truly care about and take a position on it. I can write an argumentative letter to convince an audience to support my position on the topic.


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    Unit 4: The Final Act


    How can research shape one’s understanding of a literary text?


    How is reading a text similar to and different from viewing and performing a text?



    Research and Present Shakespeare: I can work collaboratively to conduct research, synthesize findings, and present a topic related to Shakespeare and his play The Taming of the Shrew.  My presentation should be five minutes in length, and speaking parts should be divided equally. If possible, I will incorporate multimedia elements, including video and sound, into my presentation.

    Perform Shakespeare: I can work collaboratively to prepare and present a Reader’s Theater performance of a scene from Shakespeare’s play The Taming of the Shrew. My performance should have a clear beginning, middle, and end.