• Hello Gateway students and families.  Here are some fun ideas that you could do as an individual or with your family.


    Family Activity:  Get physically active together as a family.  This will help everyone relieve some stress and have some family fun.

    * Develop a list of activities to try on a weekly basis.  Choose a different activity each day or week to try. 

            For example, turn on music while making dinner and have a dance party while waiting for the meal to cook.

            Assign various points depending on the activity.  For example, walk around the block is 1pt, jump rope for 10 minutes is 2 pts and run for 15 minutes is 3 pts.  The person with the most points for the week gets something special.

    40 Tips for an Active Family   

    Fun Physical activity videos,  produced by Mrs. Blakely and Mr. Rogers.


     Yoga with Mr. Rogers


     Deal A Healthy Heart with Mrs. Blakely


    Disc Golf Video


    High Rollers #1     Use two dice - Have fun with each.

    High Rollers #2


    Running Ideas

    Mile Run Log


    Asparagus Soup


    Just Juggle