• People are bullied every day all over the United States. Middle School seems to be the most intense time of life for people to bully and to be bullied. One of the best resources for dealing with and working with bullies is Bullying.org.

    Bullying.org gives students a place to turn to for strategies on how to deal with bullies, a safe place for them to write about their experiences and receive feedback from other students their age. It also provides parents with suggestions on how to help their student deal with a bully in addition to many other helpful resources.

    www.bullying.org is a multiple award-winning website created to help people address the issues of bullying within a safe, positive international community. Bullying.org is a supportive community where people can learn they are NOT alone in being bullied and teased, that being bullied and teased is NOT their fault and that they CAN do something positive about it. People can contribute their personal stories, poems, images, audio story files, music and even animations and movies.

    Bullying.org also has a "Helpful Resources" section featuring a huge list of articles, books, legislation and policies, research and multimedia resources. Bullying.org also has the world's first and largest online moderated support groups for adults and youth.

    Bullying.org is also the creator of www.cyberbullying.org, the world's first website specifically dedicated to the emerging issue of cyberbullying.

    How to Use the Site

    There are a number of ways students and teachers can contribute to, and use, www.bullying.org as a safe, free, positive and deeply engaging multimedia teaching and learning resource.

    Students can create and submit their own original stories, poems, plays, skits, drawings, songs, raps, or videos using the appropriate online forms in the "Your Voices" section of www.bullying.org.

    They have created a free brochure in PDF format that you can download which contains many ideas as to how students, teachers and parents can use www.bullying.org as a safe, supportive, free, non-commercial, and engaging multimedia teaching and learning resource. This can be found online. 


    Bullying Resources in Spanish

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