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    Geometry textbooks are kept in the classroom.
    You may check out a textbook from the school library to keep at home or you may use the on-line textbook at home.

    7/8 Compacted students do not have a textbook BUT they each have a consumable workbook for each unit. Each lesson may also be found on-line.

    You should have these items daily:
    correcting pen/marker
    notes/workbook or composition book (please see my notes below)

    You will need these items at various times throughout the year:
    colored pencils or markers

    highlighter pen

    Geometry students must have a compass and a protractor at all times.

    moving pencil  

    Special Supplies:
    composition book or spiral notebook
    --this is not required, but many students have found it helpful for keeping notes and vocabulary all in one place; I strongly recommend using one if you are a Geometry student! 7/8 Compacted students may not need one this year due to the consumable workbooks they are getting.

    calculators--they are not used in math class every day. Graphing calculators are built in to the math programs from 8th grade math topics all the way through high school. We use the TI-83+ and the TI-84+ throughout the district, and these are the ones that are shown in many of the high school student textbooks. I have some of these in the classroom for activities, and I am careful that homework that I assign does not need a graphing calculator. Students may use a calculator at home to complete their homework and/or to check their homework, but calculators are not necessary. Geometry students will need to be able to do simple trigonometry with their calculators at home, however, so any type of scientific or graphing calculator or calculator app on an internet-connected device would suffice.

    IF YOU DO WANT TO BUY A CALCULATOR, please get a TI-83+ or a TI-84/TI-84+. These calculators are essentially the same, except that the TI-84 models have more memory, and larger game packs and such, so they cost more money. Some even have color screens and are able to scroll back to see previous calculations.  These calculators can be found at stores like Office Depot, Staples, Target, Fred Meyer, and so on. They traditionally only go on sale in August and September. Costco also carries them at a lower price than most stores, but usually they only have the calculators in August and September. I have had students buy used ones for less money year-round on E-bay and Craig's List.