I update grades on-line on a regular basis. Grades are shared with students during class throughout the semester, and progress reports are sent home each semester.

    To access on-line grades, go to: https://lms.everettsd.org/secure/HomePage.aspx  Remember to look at the details of your grades and the comments that I have left, and not just the list of missing assignments!

    There are systems in place in my classroom to help students:

    • as a class, we write the assignments and activities for the entire week in our planners at the start of the week; the planner is then posted on the wall in my classroom as well as posted on the Calendar
    • all assignments for the semester are posted on the wall to help students who are absent or to help students plan ahead
    • copies of worksheets and extra credit are available in the green crate on the back counter; students can help themselves any time
    • copies of worksheets, including Cool Down assignments, as well as extra credit can also be found on the Calendar page of this website; each math curriculum has the textbook/workbook available on its own website

    Math grades are broken down into two categories. Assessments may include tests, quizzes, projects, and presentations. The practice category includes classwork, homework, projects, posters, presentations, and activities. For 7/8 Compacted math (and all Gateway middle school math courses), assessments are worth 80% of a student's math grade. The practice portion of the grade is worth 20% of a student's math grade. In order to keep the Geometry course consistent with Everett high schools, assessments comprise 90% of each student's grade, while practice makes up the remaining 10%.


    Grading Scale

    A 92-100%
    A- 90-91.9
    B+ 88-89.9
    B 82-87.9
    B- 80-81.9
    C+ 78-79.9
    C 72-77.9
    C- 70-71.9
    D 60-69.9
    F 0-59.9

    Don't let the dog eat your homework... it's too important!!!

    Dog HW  


    Students homework and in-class practice assignments are graded using standards-based language to more accurately depict a child's content knowledge.

    For your information, I have listed what each symbol means and the corresponding grade that it signifies.

    Exceeding standard (4) --- A student has completed an above standard amount of the problems correctly. This does not mean she got every problem right, but she got enough correct that I determine she is understanding and performing at an advanced level and this gives the student 100% on that assignment.  Students often note this as a + + symbol on their own papers.

    Meeting standard (3) --- A student has completed a standard amount of problems correctly. This means she missed a few problems but is proficient at the given concepts and this gives the student 85% on that particular assignment.  Students often note this as a + symbol on their own papers.

    Approaching (or nearing) standard (2) --- A student has shown a basic understanding of the concept. She may have made several small errors or had some recurring misconception that kept her from proficiency. She needs to work at the concept to be proficient. She is close to meeting standard but is not quite there yet. A basic understanding on an assignment translates to a 75% on that assignment.  Students often note this as a check symbol on their own papers.

    Below standard (1) --- A student has shown she has very little or no understanding of the concept. Little effort has been shown and she is performing well below a basic understanding. Usually this score is the result of poor direction following, not completing all of the assignment, lack of attention in class, or sometimes just having a bad day. She should ask for help from someone, whether organization and time management are the problem, or getting the math concepts is the problem. This translates to a 65% on this one assignment.  Students often note this as a - symbol on their own papers.

    Other grading notes:

    If an assignment is blank, I have not put it into the computer yet and it is NOT affecting students' grades. Assignments that are labeled M for missing, AB for absent, or I for incomplete have a grade of 0%, but they can be made up.


    Since students learn at different rates, students may redo assignments if they ever receive a grade that is below a "meeting standard" grade.  Assessment scores may be improved once each per assessment.  All of the directions are on our Retake Form in addition to being listed below:

    The Gateway math team has agreed that any assessment can be retaken once if a student scores below an 85% on the original test. The highest score a student may receive on the retake test will be capped at 85%.

    First, students must finish or redo all assignments for the unit until all are at “meeting standard” or better. Then, they may make their test corrections. Once these 2 steps are finished and checked by the math teacher, the student may schedule the test retake.

    Deadlines for individual test improvements are posted in the comments for each test in on-line grades.