• Technology Time

    Whether you are in the library or at home, access these links to use technology to learn.

    Technology Tutorials

    Did you miss the Hour of Code, or do you want to continue working on fun tutorials?  Are you ready to learn something new?
    Visit the library at lunch and use a computer to work on the following activities, or practice from home: 
    Visit code.org to do the Hour of Code tutorials, or complete a 20-hour course on your own!   If you click "Learn" at the top of the page, it will give you options of different coding activities. 
    Learn to type quickly and efficiently!  Visit Typing.com to practice the tutorials. You will learn to type accurately without looking at the keyboard!  Can you type faster than the rest of us?
    Learn a new language.  Visit the Sno-Isle Library System to access Mango Languages.  Visit the World Languages page and click Mango Languages.  You will need to enter your library card information. 
    Practice being a positive digital citizen and Be Internet Awesome. Play Google's Interland
    Try a Breakout EDU digital game! Breakout Puzzles

    Technology Challenges

    Use a video editing program like WeVideo, iMovie, Movie Maker, or another app of your choice to make a book trailer or book review video. Be creative and have fun while promoting the book so others want to read it. Send me a link or video at sstephens@everettsd.org