• Job Research Websites
    Use Key words: Animal Caretaker, Computer system engineers, retail salespersons, hosts and hostesses, bus driver, waiter
    Use Key words: Retail salespersons, animal caretakers, recreation worker (park or artist), park naturalist, video game designers, childcare worker, artist, hostess, bus driver, waiter
    Use Key words: bus driver, self-enrichment teachers, recreation workers (art or outdoors), retail, animal caretakers, computer programmers
    Acceptable Use 
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    Taking Notes
    Note-taking Template:
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    Evaluating Websites
    Evaluating Websites practice lesson:
    1. View the following websites and have a discussion with your partner based on the topics below* 
    Citing Sources

    Works Cited


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    The sample page above shows examples for citing a database, a textbook, and a website.  The citations were created by consulting the citation guide from the Purdue Online Writing Lab https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/05/  Another helpful citation source is the Oregon School Library Information System. Citation Generator  As you create your Works Cited page, use both resources to help guide your work.