• Gateway Reads Mission and Selection Criteria

    Mission Statement:

    The Gateway Reads program is designed to encourage students to read a variety of titles across genres for the pleasure of reading. We have selected 50 quality and award-winning titles that appeal to a variety of interests and abilities.

    The mission of the Gateway library is to ensure students are effective users of ideas and information and life-long learners. Our library collection serves to encourage critical thinking, and extend students’ knowledge and understanding of the world around them while promoting a love of reading. To support that goal, we provide access to a wide range of reading materials designed for students with a variety of reading levels and interests.

    Criteria for title consideration:

    Book Reviews---examination of at least three editorial reviews of the book (School Library Journal, Booklist, Horn Book Magazine, Kirkus Reviews, publisher’s Weekly).

    Age consideration—Does it fit the age range of Gateway readers? (Age, reading level, interest level). Examine editorial reviews, Common Sense media, publisher information, etc. for age consideration. Can look at other libraries to see if it is included in their collection.

    Genre—Does the book fit a genre in an even way? (Do we have too many fantasy, sci-fi, etc)?

    Awards—Has this book been considered for an award? (National Book Award, Newbery, Printz), or has it been on other lists of discussed or popular books.

    Inclusivity/Diversity—Does this book represent a variety of viewpoints? Show how another person or group thinks differently or represents a different experience? Does this book include a variety of characters of different backgrounds?

    Merit—Does this book make you think? Is it fun to read? Is there an important lesson or something to learn? Do I like it? Would Gateway readers enjoy this book? Does it fit current interests?

    Video #1: Explaining the Gateway Reads Criteria

    Video #2: Selecting a Book 

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