• Learn spelled out in children's blocks

    ES- Exceeding Standard (96%) Gone above and beyond the minimum expectations.

    AS- At Standard (86%) Did what was expected and understands the target.

    NS- Nearing Standard (76%) Getting close; may redo to meet standard.

    BES- Below Standard (66%) Struggling with this target; needs continued practice..

    RRetest (65%) Scored below standard and needs to redo.

    M- Missing (50%) Did not complete assessment or daily classwork and needs finish.

    N - Classwork was not completed, and should be finished.

    Y– Classwork was completed and turned in.

    AB- Absent– Need to make up work


    · 100% of GRADE - typing tests, major projects, summative assignments

    · Classwork - will be tracked in the grade book, but will not impact overall grade

    · Absent/Missing Work - must be made up to receive credit

    · If your child ever would like to do an assignment/assessment over again for a higher grade, they are welcome to do so.