• Ms. Johnson
               Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year.  This year, as you know, starts out with everyone still trying to navigate a pandemic that most have no experience with until recently.  We will be starting new classes on-line which has and will continue to create new challenges.  Fortunately, from last year, we have some practice with this and we have all grown from those experiences and practice. Assignments will be posted in Canvas as well as my website.                          
    May everyone be well and stay Healthy
    Please feel free to contact me at any time:
    I began my teaching career as the oldest of three girls.  I would turn our double-tiered lamp tables around and make them into desks that my sisters could sit at.  I would then give them "assignments," to complete!
    I am a graduate of Prescott College in Prescott, Arizona.
    I earned my teaching credential at Holy Names University in Oakland, California.
      This is my eleventh year at Eisenhower Middle School.  That was 26 years ago.  I am extremely proud of her! 
      I enjoy hiking, camping, natural history, reading, writing, and my cat family.
      I was able to enjoy to camping trips this Summer.  One to the peninsula during low tide, and the other to the mountains near Artist Point.
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