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    Math and Robotics!

    I grew up a farm kid in eastern Washington and was raised with a farmer's work ethic.  I attended the University of Washington and received a B.A. in English (1996) and an M.A. in Education (1998) with a certification to teach K-8 aswell as high school English.  I've been loving the life of a teacher ever since!
    I'm an energetic, passionate and hard-working teacher.  As a parent, I know that YOU are your child's first and most influential educator.  I consider myself your partner in your child's education, and warmly invite both both parents and students to share their valuable input about what is needed for each child's success in my class.
    When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my sons, ages 18 and 21.  I'm rather adventurous, and as such, I enjoy hiking, rock climbing, pottery, and I dabble in a few circus arts, such as flying trapeze.  
    I offer to you my most sincere gratitude in advance for all you do to contribute to your child's success in school.  It indeed takes a village to raise (and educate) a child, and I am honored to be a part of your 'village' this year.  
     Anne Gamache, M.Ed.; NBCT
    Math & RoboticsTeacher;  Robotics Coach  
    Eisenhower Middle School
    Room C-119 & B101
    425-385-7500 (main office)