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    I hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this challenging time!
    As you know, the governor issued an order to keep schools closed for the remainder of the school year.  I will continue to Zoom with your children three days each week to provide instruction as well as an opportunity for them to see each other.
    The virtual tools that we will be utilizing most will be those that students are already familiar with, and will likely include Google Classroom, Canvas and Zoom.  
    Please continue to look for weekly emails from me with updates about learning and a weekly task outline.  I will also send out a wekly assignment report so that you know how much your child is engaging in virtual learning.
    Please email me at any time with any questions, concerns or news to share:  agamache@everettsd.org
    COVID 19 - Remote Learning 2020
    --My plan is to keep things simple.  Try to incorporate the following blocks of time into each weekday at times that make sense to your family:
    • Academic Time - 2 blocks each day (one AM and one PM), 1-2 hours in length
      • Reading - engagement in Novel Study or self selected texts
      • Writing - daily journaling/response to teacher provided prompts
      • Math - engagement in remote lessons, Khan Academy, iReady or EnVision
      • Project-Based Learning - engagement in HC Projects, other projects TBD
    • Creative Time/Game Time - 1 block each day
      • Art projects
      • Board games/card games
      • Eletronic games
    • Active/Outdoor Time - 1 block each day
      • Get that heart rate up doing something you enjoy - just remember social distancing!
    Fourth Grade