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    Online Communication!

    Hello Parents/Guardians

    As we are now all stuck at home here are the websites that I will be using to keep track of students practice and where they can find all assignments

    Sunday evenings I will be emailing both students and parents on reminders for the week and any assignments that do not involve recording online.

    6th and 7th Grade we are using www.essentialelementsinteractive.com You can log your practice minutes, and record yourself during assignments so that I can instantly give you feedback from home. All assignments will be posted on this website. Although you have this great interactive website, I highly encourage playing out of the book, especially if the songs are starting to get to easy for you. There are so many songs to find on the internet, explore and see what you can find! 

    8th Grade - Smartmusic is set up for you. All assignments will be uploaded to both websites. Smartmusic is an amazing tool! You will have so much music at your fingertips.

    I will be hosting Zoom Sectionals and Band Hangouts during the week. A schedule is posted under the tab "Zoom Sectionals," and will also be sent to your's and students emails. In these emails the link to the sectionals can also be found.

    Finally, I will be posting short daily silly videos (playing new instruments, performing songs, singing, new websites, or just general silliness),  these will be sent to students emails. Students are encouraged to respond with a silly video of their own as well!

    Be safe, and stay well

    Ms. Whiteley


    **Need to translate my teacher webpage? Use Google Translate: https://translate.google.com/ Enter text or any URL and Google Translate will provide a translation from English to your target language. Want a video tutorial of how Google Translate works? Click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIG2ckcCh1Y


    Nicole Whiteley is in her second year teaching band at Eisenhower Middle School, and fourth year overall. Ms. Whiteley received a BA in Music Education from Western Washington University and recently completed her Masters in Music Education from Adams State University. She believes that even though learning an instrument takes determination and practice, it is a rewarding experience, and she wants your students to have fun as they try something new. In her spare time, Ms. Whiteley enjoys hiking, playing her trombone, and weightlifting. She is very excited for the new school year to start and cannot wait to start making music!

    Check out the band website for supplies, concert dates, and more information! https://www.ike-bands.com 

    Nicole Whiteley

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