Dear Patriot Students and Families,

    Welcome to Eisenhower Middle School, the home of the Patriots. I am honored to serve as principal of Eisenhower Middle School, a diverse school with outstanding academics, athletics, and art programs. We have a robust program that offers opportunities in Technology, High School Credit in English, and much more.

    Eisenhower is a stellar school with exceptional staff to inspire, educate, and prepare each student for success in high school and beyond. The team is equipped and ready to provide your students with the highest quality of education while providing extra- and co-curricular opportunities that will elevate our students to success.

    Parents, we have opportunities for you to participate in our community with PTA and Natural Leaders. We will be hosting curriculum nights, parent nights, multicultural nights, and other activities throughout the year. These are great opportunities to get involved and connect with the school community—Please look out for our monthly s'more newsletter, which will provide updates on what is happening in our school community. You will be able to click and translate the newsletter to any language.

    Our Patriots Code is to Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible. Students, I want you to know you are talented, capable and want you to be the best version of yourself each day. Eisenhower staff are here to support, encourage, and elevate you to reach your highest potential. When things get tough, please do not give up, ask for help, and let's continue to grow and improve. This year get involved, work hard, and try to get 1% better every day. Middle school is an important time to learn, explore, and find your interest. Keep striving to be the best you each day. I believe in you!

     Patriots Families, super excited to see you soon.

     In Partnership,

    Dr. Wilnic Gideon