Welcome Back,

    The first few days of school are always a whirlwind of energy and excitement and this year is no different. Along with the traditional angst of a new school year comes us entering into a new dimension of starting a school year remotely.

    This means many of our traditions and routines will change and evolve as we learn how to best serve our students and families in new and creative ways. Invariably, with a change of this nature we will experience a number of unforeseen challenges, and challenges we probably should have seen but did not, as we move into the year. Our motto this year is to “Fail Forward.” For us this means we expect that we will make mistakes along the way, but as we do so we learn from them and get better every day and every week.

    While the start of school is often considered exciting by many, and perhaps a relief for parents after a long summer, we recognize that this year in particular for many students and parents it creates a different level of anxiousness and discomfort. We at Eisenhower are here to help all of our students navigate through the middle years. Whether your student is excited, indifferent, anxious, or just longs to be back with friends, we will do our best to make this experience a positive one.

    I hope your child has a memorable start to the school year. We are here to help your child, and you as their parent, to not only survive but thrive throughout this year. If concerns ever arise, please contact your student’s teacher, counselor or administrator early so we can problem-solve a situation before it becomes a barrier to a positive experience for your child.

    Kevin Allen