• Dear Eisenhower Students and Families,

     I am filled with gratitude and anticipation as we embark on another exciting year. As I step into my third year at Eisenhower Middle School, I am reminded of the resilience, determination, and passion our students display daily. Our theme for this year, "Passport to Success: We create experiences that lead our students to excellence," encapsulates our commitment and dedication to every student's growth and success. Over the past two years, I have witnessed our students' tenacity and unwavering desire to learn, thrive, and grow. It is truly inspiring.

    Moreover, the consistent support from our parents and community has played a monumental role in shaping their journey. Your involvement has been a cornerstone of our success, and I'm profoundly thankful for it. I am thrilled to share that our collective efforts have borne fruit. Not only did our students make remarkable academic gains, but we also made significant strides in bridging achievement gaps and refining our discipline structures. The message is clear: Kids Learn at IKE!

    Eisenhower’s mission is to inspire, educate, and prepare each student for success in high school and beyond. Our practices are rooted deeply in adolescent brain science, ensuring we cater to each student's unique needs. We firmly believe that when students feel safe—psychologically, emotionally, and physically—they unleash their true potential. Our continued goal is to cultivate an environment characterized by psychological safety, high accountability, and high motivation, so our students can consistently be in the learning zone.

    To our cherished families, I have a challenge for you! This year, we're setting an ambitious goal of achieving 10,000 volunteer hours at Eisenhower. Please join us in this year's goal. Middle school is a pivotal time for our students, and we need your expertise. Your contribution, no matter how big or small, helps us offer the best quality of education imaginable.

    Let's keep making Eisenhower the best school South of the North Pole. Students, your support, and choice in upholding our Patriot Code to Be Safe, Respectful, and Responsible will further enhance our school's environment. I can't wait to continue seeing you thrive, grow, and become outstanding leaders and citizens. And to our incoming 6th-grade families, a warm welcome to you! We are ecstatic to have you join the Eisenhower family and look forward to forging strong connections this year and beyond. Together, we will continue to create unparalleled experiences that lead our students to excellence.


    Educationally Yours,


    Dr. Wilnic Gideon


    Eisenhower Middle School