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    A complete schedule for the games/meets can be found at the district athletic website

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    The following sports program will be available for 7th and 8th grade students:

    Season I (September-October)

    Eighth Grade Football*

    Seventh Grade Football*

    Cross Country**

    Fast Pitch

    Season II (November-December)

    Eighth Grade Boys' Basketball

    Seventh Grade Boys' Basketball

    Eighth Grade Volleyball

    Seventh Grade Volleyball

    Girls Soccer

    Boys Soccer

    Season III (January-March)

    Eighth Grade Girls' Basketball

    Seventh Grade Girls' Basketball

    Eighth Grade Wrestling*, **

    Seventh Grade Wrestling*, **

    Season IV (April-May)


    * Wrestling and football can include both genders.

    ** 6th grade students may turn out for but not compete in cross country, wrestling, and track.