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  • Joann Foster Welcome Back Students and Families!
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    Welcome to school year 2020-2021
    I am so excited to go on this virtual learning journey with you this school year!  We will navigate this year together in order to have a rich learning experience and conquer challenges as they occur.  The paraeducators who work in our classroom are Mrs. Nahed Sabra and Mrs. Claire Bird.  They will be supporting our students in a multitude of ways, including attending general education classes with them. Please see our class schedule below.  We will be completing our work in the classroom every day.  During our independent learning time, students may choose from a variety of learning activities including, reading a book, or going to one of the online platforms (LL, Moby Max, Prodigy).
    I will be updating this website and schedules as the school year progresses. 
    Period 1-Reading
    Period 2-General Education Classes
    Period 3- Writing
    Period 4-Study Skills
    Period 5-6th Grade Social Skills or your General Education Class
    Period 6-Math
    Period 7-7th/8th Grade Social Skills or your General Education Class
    Besides working online and in the virtual classroom, we will be sending home student work as needed.  Please look for it in the mail if we send you an e-mail notification.  Students will work on Language Live and Vocab Journey online for reading and writing. They will have opportunities to check out books from the library and we will have a regularly scheduled reading period for 20 minutes each day. For reading materials, you may also access audible books by visiting the Eisenhower Library website or by visiting Story books online when looking at Helpful Learning Sites (Resources for Inclusive Learning) on this website. After reading, students will be writing a complete sentence in their reading logs. For math work online, students will be accessing Prodigy with the student passwords we assign them. Also, take a look at the Metropolitan Museum of Art link for some fun and interesting art activities.  Try an activity from Relaxation Tools or Social Skills Google Classroom and appreciate something about today for social-emotional learning! 
    Please let us know if you need help with anything.  We are always here to help!
    I will be checking e-mail every weekday. I encourage you all to communicate with me through my outlook e-mail regarding any questions you may have about work or anything you want to share. I do not use the Canvas e-mail.
    See my Relaxation and Calming Strategies page for tools that help with self-regulation, managing emotions, and relaxation. 
    Please take good care of yourselves!
    Keep Learning!
    "The more that you read, the more things you will know.
    The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."
                             ~Dr. Seuss