• We all need a break from stress.  If you practice relaxation and calming activities, you will be better able to handle your emotions and deal with stress.

    Here is a simple pose to begin practicing yoga.

    Stretch and Breathe

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    Practicing yoga is a great way to relax.

    Try this very relaxing pose called child’s pose. 

    Kneel down with your backside resting on your ankles.  Stretch your arms forward until your hands and forehead rest on the floor, and your stomach rests on your thighs. This pose will give you a soothing moment to rest and relax.  


    Write a Gratitude Journal

    Remember how we wrote about the things we are grateful for during our writing and social skills classes.  Make a special journal, use scrap paper, or even a paper bag cut up to write about the things you are thankful for.  Writing in your journal and reading your entries can help you feel calm and happy.

    Happy Relaxing!

    Ms. Foster