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           GATEWAY LEGO GUARDIANS                                                                                             
     The FIRST Lego League Robotics Club will meet on Monday's right after school and about two Saturday mornings each month. This is a competition club where students perform the work to compete against other schools in a tournament like atmosphere.  The work is comprised of designing and programming an autonomous robot (using the LEGO MINDSTORMS robot set) to score points on a thematic playing surface and also create an innovative solution to a problem as part of a research project.  These two elements – the Robot Game and Project – make up what we call our yearly Challenge.
    *Registration for Robotics Club for the 2018-2019 year will start in September 2018*
    The club is open to 7th, 8th and potentially a few 6th graders (if there is space). The reason that 7th and 8th graders are given priority is so that they have the experience necessary to continue robotics in high school if they so choose.
    Students who show interest in this club are required to show proof of ASB Card before joining the club as with all ASB supported clubs, sport teams, and activities, the students who benefit from the ASB financial support are required to purchase an ASB card

    FLL is a world wide organization that promotes science, engineering, team building, and all around fun. Kids can continue on to FRC and FTC in high school where continue to build more advanced robots and advanced programing. If you want to learn more about FLL and FIRST, please visit the main site.



    Team 1 - S.T.E.A.M. Powered Guardians

    Coach: Don Pfeifer

    Email: donpfeifer@gmail.com

    Coach: Jennifer VanTuyl

    Email: jvantuyl@everettsd.org


    Team 2  - Team AquaSparks

    Coach: Vinodhan Natarajan

    Email: vinodhan@hotmail.com 

    Coach: Lisa White

    Email: thelisawhite@gmail.com


    Administrator: Kalle Spear

    Email: kspear@everettsd.org